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Sometimes love can bring two worlds together… Callan Fisher is entering her senior year of high school when her life is struck with horrific tragedy. Having already lost her father, Callie must cope with the death of her twin sister, Abby. Callie’s life turns inside out; everything she has worked so hard for is now falling apart. Lacking the comfort of her sister, Callie feels alone in the dark, foreign world that has become her reality. When all seems lost, Callie meets the mysterious boy, Casey Hansen, who aids her in fighting her problems and helps her discover that life is deeper than the breaths people take when they are living and wider than the universe after death. Callan begins to fall for Casey, but knows he is hiding a deep secret, one that will bring them closer together but forever keep them apart. She goes on an emotional journey of self-discovery and acceptance, and takes readers on a moving adventure to discover that love is more powerful than the forces between heaven and earth. Everyone is blessed with comforts in the darkest of hardships—their roses from angels.